What is Patton's Playground? 

Patton’s Playground is a new RV campground that is slated to open in the winter of 2015. It has been designed to accommodate RV clubs, Jeep, ATV, and off-road enthusiasts, as well as good old-fashioned nature lovers. 

Where is it located? 

Patton’s Playground is located at the base of the Granite Wash Mountains with direct access to miles of trails and beautiful vistas for novice and experienced outdoor enthusiasts.  History lovers will love finding  old mine sites as well as General Patton’s original training camp. Take a stroll  through mountain passes to nearby communities.

Why Quartzsite? 

For decades the Quartzsite, AZ area has been considered the largest winter gathering of RVers in the world. With that title comes a socializing extravaganza like no other. In addition, the area surrounding Quartzsite draws nearly 1.5 million RVers, rockhounds, hikers, cyclists, four wheelers and neophyte boon dockers yearly.  Visitors come in groups to enjoy the sunny winter weather, the great outdoors, and the big tent attractions at the Quartzsite venues. 

Can I bring a large rig?

Yes! Patton’s Playground is uniquely laid out to accommodate large rigs with toads, fifth wheelers, toy haulers and campers in small or large groups .

Why should I choose Patton's Playground?

The unique circular layout of Patton's Playground RV ensures that socializing is always on the top of your mind. Evenings bring beautiful sunsets, boisterous happy hours, bountiful potlucks and spirited discussions around a central campfire.